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HDFS-8824 平衡数据的时候不移动小文件

Do not use small blocks for balancing the cluster https […]

hdfs complete file 超时

修改一下超时次数,具体代码在 DFSOutputStream.java private void comple […]


记一次DataNode慢启动问题 :启动过程中,datanode为了获取used size,如果超过时间,可能 […]

Container killed by the ApplicationMaster, Exit code is 143

之前发现在map任务里面经常看到Container killed by the ApplicationMast […]

hdfs exceeds the limit of concurrent xcievers

版本: hadoop cdh5.4 datanode jstack,很多这样的线程 "DataXce […]

Mismatched address stored in ZK for NameNode

我在namenode配置dfs.namenode.servicerpc-address端口后,Failover […]